How Teaching Leadership Can Build Your Business

How Teaching Leadership Can Build Your BusinessToday I want to discuss how teaching leadership can build your business. It does not matter if you are building a offline or online business. People are attracted to leaders. By picking whatever business you want to become involved in you must know all there is to know about that certain business. This is not a hobby folks. You must become an expert in your business and then people will seek out your Continue reading

Set Yourself Up For Success

Set Yourself Up For SuccessIt’s almost January 1st again. Have you started thinking about your New Years Resolutions? Did you know that some of the most common resolutions include: losing weight, getting healthy, falling in love, quit smoking, and spending less while saving more? Only about 45% of people make resolutions most every year; however, only about 8% of individuals actually achieve their resolutions.

Individuals who make Continue reading

This Leader Was Devoutly Religious With No Assurance He Belonged to God and He Liked it That Way!

This Leader Was Devoutly Religious With No Assurance He Belonged to God and He Liked it That Way!This rich young ruler can be seen in many guises and various stages today with the same tragic choices being made, demonstrating the disaster of being religious!

What must I do to inherit eternal life? What a question! There are many people today who have no idea that there is such a thing as eternal life.

In Luke Chapter 18 and at verse 18, we read of a certain Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Leading Teams

7 Common Mistakes in Leading TeamsHigh performing teams have the potential to deliver great benefits for members, the leader, the organisation and external stakeholders such as customers. Sadly, mistakes in leading teams can result in those benefits not being realised. So what are the most common mistakes you must avoid in leading teams?

Mistake 1: Setting vague goals

Teams need to know with absolute clarity, Continue reading

Goal Setting With the Law of Attraction

Goal Setting With the Law of AttractionHave you set goals for the next 12 months? If you confine your goal setting to New Year’s Resolutions, consider using the Law of Attraction to help you to develop fun and exciting goals you’re sure to achieve.

You get what you focus on with the Law of Attraction, and when you focus on your goals, you’re inspired to achieve them.

Let’s see how this works.

1. Decide Continue reading

Does Kindness Equal Weakness? Leading Today’s Athletes

Does Kindness Equal Weakness? Leading Today's AthletesPeople are funny. I suspect you knew that already. According to an article I found at MSN’s website called, “Nice guys and gals still finish last at the office”, folks want to work for kind leaders, but believe that the way to be successful is to be selfish and aggressive.

I’d guess that our teams are no different than folks working in cubicles. Let’s delve into this topic with the ultimate Continue reading

Alcohol in Comics

Alcohol in ComicsAlcohol has a tendency to find its way into the hands of characters in fiction. It’s often used as a device to show when a character is an anti-hero or even a villain, with your more pure characters abstaining from something that could alter their mental state, or not bothering because it has no effect on them. Some characters, however, have a history with alcohol that is less about setting them up as bad boys Continue reading